Kennel Policy

Layla’s Riverside Lodge-Kennel Policy:

Our polices are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of all humans and canine guests. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you are fully responsible for the actions of your dog(s) and claim and responsibility for damage caused by your dog to another dog, person and property.

Vaccinations and titers: We require a note from your vet station that your dog is current on their vaccinations or titers for DHLLP (a.k.a. DHL2P or 5 in 1), bordetella and rabies. If you choose not to vaccinate your dog for bordetella, then you assume all risk and liabilities associated with this decision.

Dogs in the Inn: All dogs are permitted in the private guest rooms and common areas, as long as they are leashed. There is no additional deposit for keeping a dog in a guest room however Layla’s Riverside Lodge reserves the right to charge the guest full reimbursement for the damage caused by their dog. We REQUIRE that you do not leave your dog unattended in your bedroom. If you leave your dog in the room unattended, you agree that we will ask you to leave with no refund. Our dog care facility is available 24/7 at accommodate your dogs while you are exploring Vermont without them. There are hundreds of acres available to walk off-leash, and also have an off-leash dog park. To prevent injuries to both humans and guests, we require that all dogs be leashed in the house and on the grounds.

Barking and Howling: Human guests must take all measures to prevent their dogs from loud, and/or frequent, and/or habitual barking, howling, crying, or yelping. Human guest should also refrain from loud, and/or frequent, and/or habitual barking, howling, crying or yelping.

Accidents and Dog Waste: On the grounds of the property we have placed clearly marked receptacles for the waste. ALL dog owners are responsible for depositing dog waste into these receptacles.  Unfortunately, if someone fails to pick up after their dog on the Layla’s Riverside Lodge property, they will be asked to leave with no refund. Please do not place dog waste into the trash, toilet, or any other area than designated receptacles. We understand that accidents happen. If your dog should have an accident in the room or Inn, PLEASE clean it and notify a member of Layla’s Riverside Lodge staff as soon as possible.

Additional Services: By purchasing additional services within our training, grooming, restaurant or other, by your signing below, you authorize Layla’s Riverside Lodge to charge these services to the account used upon checking in.

                                                                            has reviewed and accept the above polices.

By my signature I acknowledge payment the deposit to my and apply payment for the balance due at checkout.