Our culinary team comes from a diversified cooking background, and enjoys sharing their passion and love of food for you on plates that are truly an art form. Layla’s is a relaxed atmosphere with comfort food to please all palates. We pride ourselves on being Vermont Farm to table, not just farm to table. The difference is that we fold ourselves back into the community by dealing with the farmers locally. Layla’s is about 94% Vermont farm to table and we take this very seriously. Why you may ask? We do this to assure you the best quality and freshness of your meal. We are what we eat, so why not eat good food that is good for you as well.


Breakfast is served six days a week from 7:30 to 10:00, with Sunday being a continental breakfast. Our breakfast is the start to a great day so take your time and enjoy the meal, and ask our staff about some of their favorite spots to hike and explore.


Lunch is served by reservation only from 12:00 to 2:00. Lunch can be served anywhere on the grounds you would like it to be served. Whether you are by the pool or the swimming hole , one of our team members will be happy to accommodate you with your lunch order. Or if you so choose we will pack you a picnic lunch for the trail. Please ask any of our team for their favorite spots to hike and enjoy the beauty that we call home.


Dinner is served from 5:00 to 9:00 daily. Our Chef and culinary team take great pride in serving you only the freshest Vermont farm to table food possible. We strive to have only Vermont local farms supply us. As well we have a vegetable garden that houses 4 to 5,000 plants some people call it farming, we like see as a twofold benefit, one it is the freshest possible and second it lowers our overall price to you the consumer. We pride ourselves on being 94% Vermont farm to table. Our food is warm and comforting, served in a relaxing environment. Reservations are Recommended - Please Call Ahead at (802)464-7400